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6 Helpful Household Herbs

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Herbs you have sitting in your pantry are more helpful than you know.

Besides enhancing our food, herbs were first known for their medicinal capabilities. Every plant on the planet serves a purpose, not all of them are safe for consumption, but here are a few that are.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. - Hippocrates (maybe)

By no means should you put down the medicine prescribed by your doctor. That would be foolish. These are foods/herbs that you can ADD to your diet, they are not a replacement. And while we are on this topic, be sure to check any contraindications. Some medicine and conditions do not mix with some herbs. Ask your doctor if you are concerned.

Now that's out of the way, lets get to the good stuff!

Ginger in both raw and powdered form


Ginger is great for nausea and vomiting. Or if you have a phlegmy cough.

Slice off a chunk and throw it in some warm water.



Cinnamon is a great pain reliever, especially for menstrual cramps.

Also, if you are sick and need to sweat it out

Top of a mint plant


Mint is great a cooling the body.

You can use it for a sore throat, headaches, or if you have the grumps.


Goji Berries

Great for dizziness or vision issues, pain anywhere from the back down through the legs, or a dry cough.

Throw them in some oatmeal for a delicious breakfast.

cup of chamomile tea


Chamomile is well known for its sleepy time tea, but it is great for a few other things.

Fever, headaches, dizziness, hypertension. Pour yourself a cup!

turmeric in both raw and powdered form


We know turmeric helps with inflammation, but I'm going to be a little more specific for pain.

Gynecologic, abdomen, arms and shoulders, and trauma (physical, not emotional).


There ya have it. Six herbs that you most likely have around the house and how they can help.

What herbs and food do you use as medicine?

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